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CLASS held in Heamoor,

Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

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Klass An Hay
Chun Quoit, Cornwall

Derivadow rag eseli an klass

Nessa Dyskans:

 Dy’Mergher 18ves a vis Meurth 2020

The Heamoor Class

Folen Eseli Klass An Hay

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Date of Next Lesson:

 Wednesday March 18th 2020

Kalender an Klass: Gwenton 2020

18ves a vis Meurth: Dyskans Dileys.

Dyskansow dileys erna vo kavadow pella derivadow.

Dydhyasow Dhe Les

3a-5es a vis Ebrel: Pennseythen Gernewek. Dileys.

15ves a vis Ebrel: Diwettha dydh rag ombrofya y’n apposyansow.

2a a vis Me: Apposyans war anow Peswora Gradh.

16ves a vis Me: Apposyans war anow Nessa ha Tressa Gradh.

6ves a vis Metheven: Apposyans skrifys.

13ves a vis Metheven: Nessa Apposyans skrifys Peswora Gradh .

Class Calendar: Spring 2020

March 18th: Lesson Cancelled.

All lessons cancelled until further notice.

Important Dates

April 3rd-5th: Cornish Language Weekend. Cancelled.

April 15th: Examination enrolment closing date.

May 2nd: Oral exam Grade 4.

May 16th: Oral exam Grades 2 and 3.

June 6th: Written exam.

June 13th: Second written exam Grade 4.