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CLASS held in Heamoor,

Penzance, Cornwall, UK.

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Klass An Hay
Chun Quoit, Cornwall

Derivadow rag eseli an klass

Nessa Dyskans:

 Dy’Mergher Mis Gwynngala 2019

Dydhyas a’n nessa klass a vydh diskwedhys omma kyns neppell.

The Heamoor Class

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Date of Next Lesson:

 Wednesday September 2019

The date of the next lesson will appear here soon.

Kalender an Klass: Hav 2019

26ves a vis Metheven: Yeth an Werin.

3a a vis Gortheren: Gorthugher Socyal.

Dydhyasow Dhe Les 2019

Class Calendar: Summer 2019

June 26th: Yeth an Werin.

July 3rd: Social Evening.

Important Dates 2019